✓1. How to Sign Up Your Account on Nellabox.
✓2. How to Deposit Money Into Your Nellabox Account and Purchase Zugacoin
✓3. How To Buy Zugacoin on Nellabox
✓4. How To Sell Zugacoin

✍️How to get started:

👉First you will sign-up by visiting www.nellabox.com

👉After sign up, open the email you used to sign up and click on verification link to confirm your email.

👉After email verification, go back to browser & login to your dashboard using your login details

✅How to Deposit Money Into Your Nellabox Account.

👉First thing to do on Nellabox Exchange to buy Zugacoin is to fund your local account.

👉Click on the three vertical lines on your top left side of the dashboard which is your menu button.

👉On the Menu Bar, the second button listed is “Fund local wallet”, then click on “Fund Naira Wallet”

👉It will lead you to where you can make payment, there you see “2000” in a space provided. Edit the amount to any amount you want to fund your local wallet (Minimum deposit to buy Zugacoin is N5000.

👉Then scroll down below to where you see “Make payment” or ” Proceed”.

👉Now, at the last checkout option, you can use any payment method as possible, bank transfer, direct bank deposit etc

👉In the case of bank transfer, don’t forget to come back to nellabox site to click “I have paid”

👉If you forget, your account may not be credited instantly untill you contact support.

👉But debit/credit card payment and others does not need this & more recommended for use

👉Now, after your account has been credited, the funds will be displayed on your dashboard, you can then proceed to buy your Zugacoin.

✅How To Buy Zugacoin

👉Go to Menu Bar option and click on “I want to buy.

👉On the dashboard, Choose “wallet payment” and “proceed”, make sure to choose or tick all the dialogue box to confirm your transactions before you finally click on “Submit”

👉Instantly, your funds in Naira wallet will swap into Zugacoin.

👉Then you can withdraw your coin to your personal wallet like Mew Wallet, Trust Wallet etc, or you can also choose to allow your coin on your Nellabox dashboard. It’s very secure.

✅How to Sell Zugacoin on Nellabox Exchange.

👉On the Menu Bar, click on “I want to Sell”. Then click on “Sell to Nellabox” on the Zugacoin (SZC) option.

👉Continue by entering “Amount” of Zugacoin you want to sell in the space provided, e.g 0.00099 SZC gives trade value of apprx N20,000

👉Then click on “Create Trade”

👉Your Zugacoin value entered will be converted to Fiat Currency On Nellabox dashboard.

✅How To Withdraw Fiat Currency On Nellabox?

👉Withdrawal to local bank account happens instantly within one hour except there is a network issue with your bank.

👉Go to your Menu Bar, click on “Withdraw” on your dashboard.

👉Then select if you are withdrawing from your naira wallet, or Zugacoin wallet. Also, enter amount and input your bank name, account number and account number in the “withdrawal destination” space.

👉You also have the option of withdrawal to your Ethereum wallet address.

👉Kindly ensure that your account number, bank and name is correct if you are withdrawing to your Bank 🏦.


✍️Nellabox is duely registered in three African countries, and Africa has been their market focus. They encourage listing of Any legitimate African crypto project such as in the case of Zugacoin which has a very large market for Africans and from research evident by the strategic moves of the Team, Zugacoin will spread it shores by or before may 2021.

✍️The first three months of Zugacoin may experience gradual fall in price until January 2021, but the Creator of the coin and the Team is working hard to take over the global market hence research concludes that Zugacoin may hit so high in value as 100%, far more than any any crypto projects, so all Users, Community and Investors are encouraged to purchase and hold (not sell) to get massive profits in the nearest future.